Smart Concept – Das Management
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SmartConcept – the management

Both Werner Knutti and David Meloni, the two managing partners, have many years of management experience in various leading functions in the retail and service sectors. Advanced management education with specialisation in general management, marketing and sales completes the profiles of Werner Knutti and David Meloni. This provides the basis for implementation-oriented solutions from a single source.


As a result, we are thoroughly familiar with the practical experience to be gained in all company sectors, and we know what is important until that point when strategies and concepts are understood, implemented and lived in the field. 

We know the obstacles that need to be overcome until a vision can be guided to success—by means of a strategy, sub-concepts, and especially people.

We can walk in your shoes as client, communicate with you on an equal footing. We provide what you expect from an external consulting and service partner.

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Smart Concept AG

Grabenwisstrasse 3
8604 Volketswil - Switzerland

Telefon: +41 44 980 43 43


Industry expertise

Regardless of what industry your company works in and what products and services make up your market services:

We are familiar with your industry’s “universal laws” and have wide-ranging experience.